Manufacturing Supplier of Record & Connect Devices


Latest Update – Connect to the Right Partners

During the cross cultural partnership, there are a lot of miscommunication which causes the interest of the consumers & turned a win-win partnership relationship into a disaster.  As the majority of the manufacturing base of consumer products are in Asia.  We are working our European & North American Partners to establish a new Asia Pacific Procurement & Supply Chain Management Office An Hong Kong which is the hub of Asia & one of the ten most competitive cities in the World.

Our mission is to help competent partners to connect to serve the ultimate consumer customers at the best total cost of ownership and Total Product Life Cycle Management which includes the sustainability of the product.  Traceability of the process is vital to monitor the root cause analysis for continuous improvement to supply value to the ultimate consumer continuously.  Proper RECORD of each important process is important to CONNECT all the dots to supply consumer values.

The leading partners of our Procurement & Supply Chain Management functions have extensive experience working for multinational American & German Corporations.


Continuous Improvement

  1. We have hired Consultants who have worked with multinational organizations from Germany & U.S.A. to conduct thorough audits on our operations.
  2. Based on the findings of the consultants, we are improving our Supply Chain Management effectiveness.

New Product Available

New Products under development to target release to the market at Q1, 2017

  • Interface Connect Cables for New Smart Phones
  • New High Efficient Power Supply Systems

News In Sales

Effective November 1, 2016, Mr. Werner Siegelin is appointed to represent us for the European Market.  Mr. Siegelin has brought us with his extensive experience working for Multinational Companies in Household Products & Toys Industries.

Strategic Partnership

OEM/ODM Projects

With our extensive experience in manufacturing, we are a Value Added Strategic Partner to your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Projects. We work closely with different Functions of your Company & the Upstream Suppliers to supply Value to your Ultimate Customers.

Logistic Distribution Services

Since we manage Quality at the source, we could provide Logistic Distribution Services to our Customers to distribute their products directly to their Customers to lower their costs.