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DMS 59/LFH60

dms_lf21※ DMS59 — Dual Monitor System 59 (59 Pins Dual Monitor System),is an external port for display, normally for industrial applications;

※ Low Force Helix(LFH),also known as LFH60,is a connector with 60 pins,  mostly use on workstations, Professional Graphic Display cards,such as NVIDIA Quadro NVS 280, Leadtek Quadro4 ,

280NVS AGP, NVIDIA Quadro4 550 XGL,capable to divide  one port  to 2 or 4 DVI output Displays

DMS-59 connector was developed based on the LFH connector which is a pin more than DMS-59dms_lf11

Product applications:

※ Professional Graphic display cards & high end display cards to connect to

LCD monitors or HDTV、or projectors;

※ Digital TVs, DVD Players, LCD monitors, PC & mobile devices;

※ digital devices, telecommunication devices,main frames,Storage devices,medical equipments & instruments,routers/exchangers etc.

Product Characteristics

※external display supports 720p,1080i,1080p(1920×1200@60Hz),dms_lf31

support upto 4.95Gbps(6.95Gbps duplex)digital broadband。

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