Manufacturing Supplier of Record & Connect Devices


mhl11※ Perfectly display the content of Mobile Phone or Tablet to High Definition Bigger TV or Monitor without additional device

※ Support port PVC;

※ Support 1080p/60hz Full format high definition output;

※ Support 192KHz compatible standard 7.1 channel LPCM;

※ Compatible with most of the smart phones in the market;

※ Comply with ROHS。


Strategic Partnership

OEM/ODM Projects

With our extensive experience in manufacturing, we are a Value Added Strategic Partner to your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Projects. We work closely with different Functions of your Company & the Upstream Suppliers to supply Value to your Ultimate Customers.

Logistic Distribution Services

Since we manage Quality at the source, we could provide Logistic Distribution Services to our Customers to distribute their products directly to their Customers to lower their costs.